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Last year The Daily Junior Blog shared stories of the healing nature of the human animal bond on human mental health. We published posts on mental health topics. They were about our journey. They were about all our journeys.

But these few stories are just a start to light the darkness and erase the stigma of mental illness. Let’s talk openly about mental health and healing journeys.

We believe in the power of stories.
We believe in the healing power of narrative and the healing force of the human animal bond.

Today,The Daily Junior Blog takes The Pledge to Blog for Mental Health in 2015. We promise to tell our own story and other stories of the human animal bond and its healing impact on human mental health. We believe animals, and nature in general, can have important mental health benefits.

We commit to sharing our own story of healing with humor and as much clarity as we can. We also will blog about inspiring mental health journeys between animal and human friends that we meet along the way.

Read more of Jill and Junior’s story. Visit We Blog for Mental Health 2015 | The DailyJunior Blog.