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Summer Solstice Musings

Back in September 2013, I got to a point where I felt it was not safe for me to be home and I committed myself to the Mental Health Unit at The Ottawa Hospital.

The first three days of my stay, I was heavily sedated but by the fourth day, I was awake enough to post an update on Facebook explaining where I was and why I was there.

Later that day when my daughter came to visit, she said to me: That post on Facebook, do you know everybody can see it? Yes, I said. I put it there so everybody could see it. Just making sure you knew, she said. And then we proceeded to play Tetris Jenga. . .

The thing is, that little FB update went wildly popular with some 150 likes and more than a hundred comments from people wishing me a speedy recovery and commending me for being so brave as to publicly admit not only that I had a mental illness, but that I was hospitalized at a Mental Health Unit. . .

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