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Samantha Kalimos

It’s time to talk about this stuff. It is time to accept the reality of these disorders. They are complex and difficult to cope with. For people living with one it is a daily struggle, their loved ones overwhelmed and unsure of how to help.

I know personally about the daily fight. Coping with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety is a constant battle. A battle usually being quietly fought on the inside, often with others blissfully unaware. I try very hard to ensure that people don’t know I am having a down day, but sometimes there is no hiding it. Sometimes it is simply beyond me. Even with medications that are definitely of great help, there is no cure. There is no magic pill that makes it go away completely. I have had several people assume that because I am on some meds I should therefore no longer have symptoms, and are perplexed when I say that I most definitely still do. I wish they worked that way….

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