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The feedback was fantastic. People admitting they had no idea how bad things were, more admitting their own experiences with mental health problems and medications. People that knew people, etc. suddenly here I was admitting the bare uncomfortable truth, I could hardly do my kids laundry, get up in the morning, do the school run, everything was a struggle, it even hurt to breathe. Even the one that seems on the surface to have it all, that seems to be so strong and so confident, is a second from breaking.

My sordid affair with mental (un)health has been going on for a long time. . .

What I have come to learn is that no one can fully appreciate how exhausting this life is. It is a constant battle with yourself, with these demons. I need pills to get me through the days. I’m both grateful yet saddened at this reality. I should like to have a day with common anxieties. Rather than my brain turning everything into a Shakespearean tradegy, complete with paranoia and dramatic failure thrown in.

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