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One Day At A Time

I initially created this blog as a journal of sorts. A place that was mine, to talk about how I was feeling and I never imagined anyone would care let alone appreciate it, some even spread the word about what I do here. I’ve been fortunate to be a part of the WordPress Community and I’ve discovered some amazing people who are all going through struggles of their own. It is those people who inspired me to share more, and take part in this pledge. . .

I had to hit bottom to decide I wanted something different from what I’d tried before. Some could argue that what I go through is not anyone else’s business, but do you know what? That’s the problem with Mental Illness, no one wants to know. No one wants to understand and  thanks to therapy, medication and positive thinking, I have more Mental Health in my life than Mental Illness. I will always have times where things are a little too much to handle. But I will also have times where I feel great because I’ve accepted myself as I am. I love the fact that I am different. I love that I FEEL emotions differently and that I have an extreme level of empathy and really care about people. I mean I REALLYcare about those I love.

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