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Notes From The Devil Dollhaus – 2015

. . . I have what is called in diagnostic language schizoaffective disorder v. depressive features. I’m close to graduating from a sobriety program, though I’m not sure I prefer total sobriety to moderation. Either way, “self-medication”, popular with many of us, may exacerbate some mental conditions. At this point me and my weirdness are like conjoined siblings accepting of the fact. I know. We’re all supposed to be shooting for “wellness”, “recovery”, and many times I have read from other bloggers a desire to be “normal”. I think my brother is that, “normal” cuz’ he lives in Phoenix and tonight he went to the SuperBowl. Supposedly doing that ran anywhere from $24 to $180,000. I heard.

But…ok, so I don’t like severe mood swings, agitation, anxiety…but I couldn’t honestly say I want “normalcy”, a life without the strange visions and sounds that I’ve started learning to draw inspiration from rather than try to figure out or “cure”. Right now I feel hypervigilant and electric orange crackles around the room. Sometimes things like that would bother me. But right now I’m thinking — what if this is a different way of being and perceiving? What if I think it’s nice to be engulfed in a warm orange and magenta buzz? What if turning self-injury into artworks is actually positive and transformational?

What if we had a culture that did away with the whole concept of “normal” and didn’t just pay lip service to ideas like “think different” to sell stuff, but actually met those who do with awareness instead of stigma?

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Notes From The Devil Dollhaus

Trigger Warning:  Talk of self-harm.

I have a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder with depressive features. I also have issues with anxiety, self injury, and erm…”self-medication”. Some might also say I have issues with anger, but personally I just see that as a combination of self-preservation and Paying Attention.

The constant in my life is the support of my wonderful husband Eric, who’s wrestling with his own past and issues have given him an empathy that few others possess, even if they are also well-intentioned and supportive. I do my best to return the favor to him, and be as supportive as I can. I’ve also benefitted from finding like-minded people such as those who participate in BFMH or involvement in Punks In Recovery, another grassroots movement spearheaded by Craig Lewis out of Boston. In the past year I’ve also entered into a city mental health/harm reduction program that offers individual counseling and group meetings.

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