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No one gets left behind

I just quote the above from the site.. For weeks I have been thinking both about this quote and the pledge itself, (which I will get to in abit) is it just me? I wonder… am I the only one who does not find it “that simple” to to write a post and make the pledge?

Reflecting, reacting, fully understanding and accepting the meaning of each and every word written in this pledge has not been an easy task for me.. I refuse to say and or do something so very important unless I myself am ok with it and truly believe/support it…

Without a doubt I support this page, I believe having a go to page for mental health is am amazingly helpful thing, brings much support/comfort to people, as it has me and the stigma, hush hush often found around the subject of mental health needs to be broken.. So what’s my issue? why has it taken so long to write this entry?

Read the post in its entirety! Visit No one gets left behind – Blogging for mental health….