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I live in a small town with the population of about 400.  I’m in southwest Virginia right at the edge of TN. and N.C. and the Appalachians.  I try not to put a lot of public things on Facebook because I see a lot of them same people in day to day life.  Life in a small town can be great and it can be terrible.  If I forget what I’m doing though, someone will tell me what I’ve done and am doing.  I have always said, by the time I get done using the restroom, a neighbor will be calling to remind me to flush and wash my hands, and they’ll know if I’m out of soap too.

With this being said, I don’t mind sharing my mental health diagnosis and I don’t mind sharing my addiction problems.  I have two beautiful daughters, ages 11 and 8, and I try to be as honest with them as I can for their age.  If what I’ve experienced in my 37 years of living can help one person then I’ve done something worthwhile.

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