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Chrisies Criss-Crossed Life.

I was made homeless (A family member that sexually abused me and my brothers when I was younger, owned the house me and my parents were staying in, and I could no longer live there) after being placed in a flat, in one of the most homophobic communities – every mental disability and illness I had just exploded and became 10 times worse and I resorted to excessive drinking in order to force myself to leave the house. I have always been my own worst nightmare.

I reject a lot of the help, finding any reason that I can use. . .

But something’s are just out of my control and without that need, that drive, to regain who I was – I will let myself lie in my bed, shut myself off from the world and complain about anything and everything that I can because… That is who I have Become.

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Trigger Warning: Eating disorder, suicide, sexual assualt