Wild Currents

I’m easy to spot in a crowd. I’m the one with leash in hand and, I hope, a well mannered psychiatric service dog (PSD) trotting along at my side. I’ve had a service dog since 2008 and almost can’t remember what it’s like NOT to have a leash in my hand.

People will ask what the dog does and I must admit that while having the dog is a game changer for me, you aren’t likely to see her do much more than walk calmly at my side, sleep contentedly under my desk, restaurant table or beside my chair at the theater or concert. For me the dog is a game changer, she is helping me navigate change that must come from within. . .

I’ve come to think of the dog like dressing for my complicated and sometimes category five weather. She helps me shift the energy from talking about it to navigating it. She is in the trenches with me, she has my back, a silent sentinel helping me to confront my demons and navigate the challenges life puts in my path.

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