Borderline Functional

Being diagnosed with BPD gave me an unexpected sense of relief. I’ve endured a number of diagnoses throughout my many years of mental illness but never felt like they made complete sense compared to what I was feeling. Some of them were incorrect, some were only a piece of the puzzle. But looking into the vast depths and intricacies BPD contains I finally realised that there was a diagnosis that made sense. I finally felt that I wasn’t simply a massive f*ck up, that there was a explanation for why my mind acted the way it does. . .

The validation I’ve gotten from connecting with other people online who share my emotions, struggles and experiences with mental illness has brought me great comfort at times. What’s more, hearing from others who blog about their experiences continues to teach me about myself and my mental illness.

I find that blogging, venting, and turning to the mental health community helps me to process my thoughts and feelings in a different light. In addition, after years of feeling alone, I have found there is a community of acceptance, genuine care and generosity of spirit formed by others who struggle constantly with their own pain.

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