Pride in Madness – 2015

My entire blog is dedicated to mental health, Madness, discrimination and pride in emotional differences so it’s hard for me to think of what to share that might be new or exciting because I have shared it all. I guess I would like to share a new program I am helping develop with Young Ones.

The Mentorship Program offers Toronto youth ages 13-24 with 1:1 support from a peer (ages 18-29) who have similar shared experiences. It is our hope that through building this relationships Mentors will provide a positive role model to Mentees in their recovery. Mentees also will have the opportunity to support Mentors as everyone has something to offer.

I am excited about this new program because it is really taking mental health out of the traditional therapy, even support group, setting and making it more natural. I know some of my greatest support and positive progress has come because a friend has been there to support me. This is what I want to give to these youth.

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