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Chrisies Criss-Crossed Life.

I was made homeless (A family member that sexually abused me and my brothers when I was younger, owned the house me and my parents were staying in, and I could no longer live there) after being placed in a flat, in one of the most homophobic communities – every mental disability and illness I had just exploded and became 10 times worse and I resorted to excessive drinking in order to force myself to leave the house. I have always been my own worst nightmare.

I reject a lot of the help, finding any reason that I can use. . .

But something’s are just out of my control and without that need, that drive, to regain who I was – I will let myself lie in my bed, shut myself off from the world and complain about anything and everything that I can because… That is who I have Become.

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Trigger Warning: Eating disorder, suicide, sexual assualt

Suburban Hobo

First the attacks came on once a month, then once a week, then they escalated from every other day to almost daily. Enough! I’d wake up with one and could barely get dressed for work—a sense of dread overcame me, clammy hands, palpitations. I was diagnosed with “panic disorder.” And yes, the “crazy” gene seems to run in the family. My maternal grandmother was a “nervous” person and endured electroshock treatments back in the day.

Of course I can call the doctor—actually the nurse practitioner—for a handful of pills to tide me over till my appointment on Saturday, but I wonder if she’ll think I sold the “missing” pills. Probably not, but I wonder. The stigma still exists around people dealing (I don’t like to say “suffering,” sounds weak) with mental illness. Too bad we can’t treat it like a physical condition or disease that simply requires chemical intervention. We aren’t living in that world yet.

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Diary of a Sunday Girl

. . . I think I must be the only person in the world who likes Monday mornings. The arrival of Monday morning means another Sunday has been and gone.

For as long as I can remember, Sundays have been somewhat nondescript. There’s nothing particularly bad or good about them, just a feeling of emptiness and numbness. I am a nine to five worker but I can’t even put this down to “anxiety about the week ahead” as I rely on the week’s activities to keep me distracted. And that’s how I try to deal with my Sundays, by keeping myself distracted.

Sometimes, though, that Sunday feeling starts to creep into every other day of the week…

All in all, my life is pretty good. I have friends, have a job, no physical health problems and no apparent reason to be unhappy. I have also struggled with depression since the age of seventeen. I am now twenty four years old and though I have both ups and downs, I am still looking for the best ways to help deal with the downs.

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After doing some research, I have found a network of blogs that have similar purpose to mine. I have decided to participate in this, the ‘Blog for Mental Health’ initiative in the hopes that my entries will reach a wider community of people, and help and encourage more people, as they will also do for me.

. . . I hope that by sharing my experiences, and my tactics to get better, I will be able to help those also suffering. I will be making a new entry soon, and will continue to do so.

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