Finding My Way Back

I have been dedicated to sharing what it is like to live with bipolar and borderline personality disorder. Lately, perhaps because the weather is brighter, and I am able to be outside more, or perhaps it is the ability to garden and grow my own vegetables, I have been feeling for the most part very well.

I do have my days though.

I was diagnosed approximately 3 years ago with bipolar 2, the year before that it was confirmed that I do have Borderline Personality Disorder. I am hopeful that as my demons are addressed, that BPD will no longer be the thorn that it has been. As for my Bipolar 2, I learned of it just before my cousin committed suicide from the same illness 2 years ago. I made a commitment to him and to myself that I would overcome and have a life where I will enjoy my senior years, with as much peace and calm available to me.

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