Blessed Beyond Measure

I have bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and one psychiatrist had the nerve to tell me that I was narcissistic. Ooh, he ticked me off! Anyway, forget about him – what counts is that I belong in this group 🙂

Anyway, too many people “out there” in the world don’t recognize that mental illnesses are just as real as diabetes or cancer or high blood pressure. It’s not something that we CHOOSE. Heaven knows I didn’t want to grow up and have to take a handful of meds or see a psychiatrist every couple of months!

. . .I’m putting my life and my words out here so that maybe somebody will recognize herself – or himself – and get the help they need.

This is about getting rid of the stigma that we all face, sometimes on a daily basis. If you have depression, bipolar disorder or another mental health issue or two, click on Lulu’s name above and join in. The more voices that speak up, the louder we’ll be, and the more people we can reach!

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