That’s What Ron Said…

While I wouldn’t wish this illness on anyone, I do like knowing that other people have dealt with the anger, frustration, helplessness, hopelessness and emotional cycles that I go through. I like knowing that there are people out there that I can look up to and be inspired by their struggles and stories and successes.

Mental health is an issue that needs to be taken seriously…whether you have your own issues or not. I know this has never really hit home as much as it has this year. When my BPD reared its ugly head and decided to take over my life four months ago in a very serious and detrimental way with the breakdown to end the farce that was my life up to that point, it really hit me hard that my parents shut me out when I needed them the most. I know they do not understand what is going on, and I know that they don’t really believe that mental disorders are a real, painful, harmful, and intense entity, but it still hurts nonetheless. Being told that I needed to get over it, suck it up, grow up, etc is/was not a pleasant experience for me…and sadly just inflated my abandonment issues to epic proportions. But as much as it hurts for them to leave me to deal with this alone—by not “coddling or encouraging me” as it was so eloquently put—I know I have to put that pain aside to deal with the very real issues that are sitting on my chest just waiting to crush me.

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