Beautiful Contemplations

A few days ago, I told my doctor that I needed a break from all of this. I needed a break from the broken never ending tape recorder in my head that kept playing itself on an endless cycle of repeat.

This week I began a new medication. Like the beginning of any new medication I was incredibly nervous. I am going very well, still sedated but calmer then I have been in a long time. My anxiety has also dramatically decreased. However, the past few days have been a challenge; but as anyone who lives with any chronic illness or mental illness will tell you it is all a part of life. . .

There are few places where I can be honest about my experiences of mental illness, but on my blog through my writing is one of the places where my beautifully raw journey is laid out by me for all to view. Talking about the voices I hear (inner voices, in many circumstances), the dissociations I experience, my instances of self-harm is something that I am not ashamed to speak of. One of the messages that I want to get across to everyone reading my blog is that mental illness is not a condition to be ashamed of, it is after all something that does not discriminate; I am in fact quite a successful young lady yet have ended up with several mental illnesses. It is never your fault, you are beautiful, you are brave, it is okay- you can still lead a productive life despite having a mental illness. Yes it is very debilitating at times, but can be managed with the right therapy and perhaps medications…

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Trigger Warning: Suicidal ideation, mention of self-harm