Passion for Life, Love, and Health

10. The grass is not greener – everyone I meet is going through some kind of personal struggle. Maybe their struggles aren’t visible – many people hide theirs. If you find yourself wishing for someone else’s life or circumstances, channel that energy into finding ways to improve your own life.

As an anecdote on this one, I had a fellow group member in my group therapy comment that for someone who says they deal with depression, I really didn’t seem all that depressed. The truth is, he had no clue. I started that group after my most recent depression episode had ended. And thanks to a lot of medication and therapy over the years, I am no longer depressed 24/7; I’ve actually become quite bubbly outside of those episodes. So of course I didn’t look depressed. That didn’t mean that I don’t still have very real struggles. That I don’t have to be extremely careful of my triggers to do my best to avoid more episodes. The point is that we all have ish to deal with. Even when it doesn’t look like it.

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