Making Good

It is so much easier to dismiss people along with their suffering and hard earned accomplishments, than to recognize their triumphs and truly understand why they are struggling or what their behavior is about. It is complicated; very difficult to take another’s perspective, especially one with mental health problems: this we all accept. Think about it, mental health challenges make us inconsistent, irrational at times, unpredictable at other times; even untrustworthy; we stand out from the norm. It does take a lot of compassion and insight to understand and respect people, but surely we can find a way.

COMPASSION; is something those of us who have suffered from mental health challenges, are really good at!

Yes, we know suffering inside and out; and as a result, we have real respect and compassion… in spades! As survivors and people who overcome stress on a regular basis, we ARE sensitive, compassionate, multiperspective and intuitive- we have to be to survive. As a result, we can take other peoples’ perspectives quite easily without judging them. We don’t throw our hands up and criticize; nope… we understand and we know better.

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