Obsessive Compulsive Running……. – Publish and be damned!

The CBT – that’s Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – I’ve been having in recent months is all about facing up to your fears, challenging your demons, doing something that in your wildest dreams you wouldn’t have considered previously.

Writing this is actually acting out a part of my nightmare. Just as posting my blog every week is scary: I worry how people will interpret it, what will they think, will they even give a damn, does it matter either way? You’re showing a part of who you are, what makes you tick, allowing people to see you, flaws, vulnerabilities and all.

Someone said to me this week how dangerous they thought it was, writing a blog, and how pointless. They thought the whole concept totally exposing and open to abuse by others without any gain or worthwhile reason for doing so.

Well I’d say two things to that. How people interpret whatever they read and what they do with the information or narrative is entirely down to them, not me. In reverse, it’s just the same as when I receive feedback, good, bad – or frankly, mostly indifferent – I interpret it from my own perspective and consider how to respond.

As to the pointlessness of it all, well whenever you start something new and untried it’s often hard to see the bigger picture, where it’s all going, what, if anything, will it lead to? Do you put down your brush and think, I’ll just stop now then, or do you add a bit more to the canvas, keep painting?

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