Obsessive Compulsive Running……. – A new way of thinking…..

I walked out of the therapy session today feeling a completely different person to the one who tentatively went in there more than four months ago.

I’m not saying it’s suddenly made everything brilliant, or altered the state of my life, but I feel I’m able to react to and deal with things, especially what “I” perceive as problems, in a different way.

So much is about perception, isn’t it. Previously, I perceived asking someone for directions as a problem. But how many of you do the same? We all have different issues with aspects of life, that are peculiar to us, because of our experience and pre-conceptions.

I’m getting all philosophical again – time to move on!

Just before doing so, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU for all the positive feedback and messages everyone has left or sent. They’ve really meant a lot to me.

And an even bigger THANK YOU to my brilliant therapist, who I was so lucky to be assigned to through the local NHS anxiety service. With her detailed knowledge she diagnosed my problems immediately, expertly guided me through sometimes difficult sessions, and left me with insight to help me move forward.

I’ve also been fortunate to get a place on a Mindfulness course, which I hope will teach me to switch off from the hamster wheel more often.

It’s all a combination of having the right tools and knowing how to use them. . .

Without the right tools that work, you can’t make progress, however hard you try. But sometimes the answer is staring you right in the face, and you can’t see it until someone else points it out.

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