Crazy Stigma Green

In response to an excess of search terms, here is the information on Crazy Stigma Green, the fab-u-lous nail color developed by the even MORE fab-u-lous Michi Marshall and OPI to raise awareness and change the discussion about mental health!


  • Crazy Stigma Green is available exclusively through the Brandon Marshall Platform (Shop) for a $25 dollar donation – OPI generally retails for $9 and up, this is a great deal for a great cause, folks.
  • The Brandon Marshall Foundation is a stellar organization, top down — from Brandon and Michi to the people I have encountered in other areas, they are committed, kind, and really have just blown me away in the month that I’ve been interacting with them.
  • Not in the U.S.?  They will ship Crazy Stigma Green internationally!
  • I have been wearing the polish for three or four days, and I have seriously never gotten so many compliments/had so many conversations started by others about my nails!  It’s a tremendously flattering hue for all skin tones I’ve matched it to — not to mention a conversation starter!



(The shading is a little deep in the first pic — my hand is actually resting on a dark purple suitcase, for reference.)

So get your Crazy Stigma Green on!  It’s what all the cool kids are wearing — and talking about!


2 thoughts on “Crazy Stigma Green

  1. NotAPunkRocker

    Love, love, love this color! 🙂 Nail polish and a good cause, perfect combination!


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