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Translunary Things

I think this is a great idea. I don’t blog and write poetry exclusively about my mental health, but I do write about my life, thoughts, insights and emotions. So of course my illness — so inescapably entwined with the core of who I am — is threaded through everything I post as well.

I have Bipolar Disorder NOS, ultra-rapid-cycling type, with a few other extras thrown in for good measure. The NOS means “not otherwise specified,” meaning (in my case) that I have symptoms of both Type I and II. I am incredibly lucky to have a great team of doctors (a fabulous GP, therapist, and P-doc, all working in the same clinic), and an immensely supportive spouse. Otherwise, frankly, I wouldn’t be here to post anything at all.

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Anxiety Girl Becomes Mum

My problem is, the way people, and media, just throw around the term ‘mental illness.

For instance,
“…a young women, who has a history of mental illness…”
“…the killer has a history of severe mental illness…”
“…today a man with a history of mental illness attacked…
“…the alleged killer has a history of mental illness…”
“…the accused has a history of mental illness…”

If you think that’s ok, then just replace mental with the word ‘physical’ and you’ll see how ridiculous it is.

The term ‘mental illness’ cannot continue to be used as a cover all for every single type of mental illness out there. And it certainly cannot be used to ‘explain’ away people’s behaviour, so that everyone just nods their head and thinks ‘oh, they have a mental illness, well that explains it then.’

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Parenting a Teenage Tornado

In addition to his bipolar diagnosis, my son also deals with extreme anxiety, sensory processing disorder and OCD tendencies. Some of the challenges my son has had that go along with these diagnoses are disabilities such as, dysgraphia, auditory, tactile, vestibular and proprioception dysfunctions. Combine all of these things and it is like your body is at war with itself every day.

Although my son has learned how to cope with many of these disorders and can regulate himself enough to not have meltdowns in class (most of the time), school itself if is a building filled with things that can be overwhelming to kids with neurological disorders or mental illnesses. Flourescent lights, chairs scraping the floors, crowded hallways, kids yelling at each other, teachers yelling at kids or even the silence of having to sit in a classroom during a test can all attack the senses. Add on top of all that the bipolar symptom of just not caring. Not caring that you failed a test or not caring that you didn’t do the homework and the teacher will be upset but don’t forget to mix in the lovely anxiety that comes after the teacher has yelled at you or your parents are disappointed in the failed test. For kids that usually deal with these challenges, their own brain is usually the biggest bully they will ever face.

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I have found that the compassion I expect from certain people around me, doesn’t exist. Is it me? I don’t know. What I do know is my own compassion and from where it comes. I am still a little lost, I still contemplate suicide, and I still feel rather invisible, but I am in a position to help those still in darkness. I will hear you out. I will be your shoulder to cry on and your venting space. I will not tell you to simply ‘get over it’ because I know from experience that it is never that simple. I will be here for you. My only request is that you be here for me, too.

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At first, I was a bit hesitant about the idea of taking the pledge, sharing more about my life on the internet, but then I thought, “why?”

Depression is something that’s affected a big part of my life, and I’ve already posted enough about it on here. Even though my sullen face might not show it, I care a lot about people in general, and I think human compassion is one of the highest caliber traits you can find in a person. If my experience can help others, like Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half has helped me, I will proudly and gladly share my experiences, even to someone I don’t even know. . .

Since I started this blog, I’ve experienced A LOT. I’ve seen a lot of things, experienced a lot of feelings, and learned a lot of things about myself. The most important of which is that there are some things in life worth trying hard for. Depression starts to happen when you start thinking that things don’t matter anymore. And that’s the main thing that has been getting me out of Love-40 and depression, pushing myself to try give life another try.

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