Always in Recovery

When I was first hit with the experience of psychosis I wondered what I had done wrong and how I could fix it. I searched the internet trying to find some words of comfort or something or someone that I could relate to. In 2007 I don’t think there was nearly as much information as there is now – especially on postpartum psychosis (the diagnosis I had been given at the time). The information I found was often vague and discouraging. Many of the things I read seemed to be telling me that I was more of a statistic than a person – and even an enigma. I longed to find the solution and fix it. Eventually I have come to find that this illness cannot be “fixed”, but it can be treated daily to be made strong. Just like a broken leg or a heart condition, a part of my body broke. Medical science does not know the specific cause for this – the answer is always best left at genetics plus environment. But this is an illness that can be stopped in its course to breaking point if we recognize the warning signs and treat it at the core. My warning signs were cyclothymic behavior since childhood, short-lived but frequent bouts of depression, and persistent social anxiety. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, please seek a good psychiatrist and a counselor that will help you discover and change thinking patterns.

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