Death By Context

Soldiering on and faking it til I become it (a lá Amy J Cuddy) are two strategies I use daily. Their measured success as campaigns does not dictate their continuance. Some categorize this as ignorant. Some see it as a rudimentary attempt at self-presentation. Some don’t even notice their employ … but isn’t that sorta the point? I chose to embrace my blog as the iTunes Store to my recordings of cognitive dissonance: general consumption is not guaranteed (nor desired), MPAA ratings or conceptual censorship will be actively resisted (sorry Tipper my life has enough of that already), there is artistry involved (hopefully observed), and, although not necessary, it’d be nice if I blithely produced a viral hit (not aiming to be the Justin Timberlake of WordPress here). Wish me naïve luck and questionably add to my gaining sense of self by following DeathByContext. That is all..

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