The Rules for Peace/The Search for Peace from Under a Butterfly’s Wings – The Other 4 Letter Word

This word is dangerous, in fact far more threatening than any other that has ever slipped through my lips or crossed my mind. Rage is lightning about to explode, too close to the ground – the inevitable victim being me rather than the person who has inflicted the wound.

Taught that this emotion is not acceptable and that good girls do not get angry, let alone Rage; I have swallowed hundreds of pounds and medications to quell this unstoppable freight train. Once it has left the station, I cannot control it, rather it controls me. We hide from one another, like children playing a game – search and destroy instead of hide and go seek.

I do my best to avoid Rage. This includes tossing myself onto the burning hot train tracks in an effort to make sure that innocent bystanders are safe. Nobody mistakes my being lost for lack of direction.

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