The Rules for Peace/The Search for Peace from Under a Butterfly’s Wings – I am a Rock

Fear of failure, of success, of mediocrity; all leave me with my foot hovering above the first movement towards tomorrow. I’ve been haunted and tormented by the present and past; questions that none of their business yet the softness gives in, my knees grow weak as I explain myself yet again.

In an effort to give my dream, my journey, a fair chance I must become a Rock. Aside from my best friend, an introspective hound with understanding, thoughtfulness and candor as long as his ears. I’ve explained to my husband that beginning Monday, I am going to keep “office hours” during the daytime. Staying awake all night, waking in the early afternoon to his whirlwind of needs and then once world peace is settled and I’ve restored the panda population; I may spend what I left of my time on my passion and future. In this case, today: 2:45 AM.

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