I blog about mental health because of the impact it has had on my life. At the age of 20, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression. A few months later, I was diagnosed with ADHD. For the past 6 years, I have seen several psychiatrists, therapists, and holistic doctors to try and find the right treatment for me. I have been on almost every medication on the market for mental health conditions. . .

Anyway, I blog for mental health to eradicate stigma. It’s difficult enough living with bipolar disorder, but the stigma behind it causes myself and others to feel shame. To be embarrassed, afraid, alone, quiet, judged, left out, and the list goes on. I am learning to love myself and accept myself, and take pride in who I am. But not all of us have the support to do that. I blog about mental health for those people.

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