A Frequent Sadness

Little or large, old or young, male or female, depression and sadness hurts us all. Maybe you’re here because you are depressed and can’t tell anyone, or feel that nobody understands. Depression is a very personal, unique disease – we all have different experiences, and what bites some, may have mercifully avoided others. And yet we are united in our sadness. Some of us wonder whether it will ever end – each new science report gives us both hope and dismay. A new medicine with fewer side effects? Something to calm the urge to hide in bed? Something to help us sleep? If only there was something that would help us just be bothered with anything.

Some of us might be more vocal about our plight – in a bid to raise awareness that we are not lunatics, and that: no, we can’t just pull up our socks. Put it this way: Imagine if both of your hands got chopped off, and you couldn’t tie your laces, and someone said you weren’t trying hard enough. That’s a little bit like how it is when people who mean well/don’t understand tell us to pull ourselves together. Well sometimes we CAN’T. and the worst part is we feel useless for not being able to tell anyone that. So.

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