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Positively Depressed – Be Loud and Proud

So here I am today no longer silent.
I am loud and proud.
And believe me, I have a lot to say.
I have been silent for too long.
I am satisfied of who I am.
I am finally free from the chains
of an ignorant society.
I will educate and talk openly
for all of society to hear.

I am no longer embarrassed.
I am happy to say that I truly do not care
what anyone else thinks of me and that my friends
is my definition of freedom.

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Bipolar Bandit

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I am a strong advocate for those with mental illnesses.  Since I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder almost 30 years ago, I have been trying to make it so that people with mental illnesses are treated better, to raise awareness about mental illness, and doing my part in helping to erase the stigma.

Having a mental illness should not be treated any differently than having a medical problem. It is sad that it is, but I hope that some day it will be different.  Treating mental health issues are just as important as any other kind of medical issue. I really think that Congressman Patrick Kennedy said it best when he said that there should be a check up from the neck up.

We, as advocates, need to keep fighting!  I also believe that we need to stick together to have a bigger voice.

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Toss the Typewriter – My (Dis)Organized Life

What has this week been like?  Aargh! That’s the only word I have.  It wasn’t horrible I guess, if you like invasive procedures, x-rays and doctor’s offices, like to have your child tell you aren’t needed, like having ten tons of snow dumped on you, and like living in a house that smells like wet dog.

I don’t know what to write about. What do people want to read? I am so sick of playing Candy Crush, yet it is just there calling, calling, calling.  Is that what an addiction feels like? Only when I’m done with CC,  I’ve just wasted my time, I don’t believe I’ve damaged my brain cells.

Or have I?

I think I’ll write about The Anonymous People and how silence and anonymity is trapping millions of people alone with their disease. Or maybe I’ll write about mental illness and what it feels like to be a family member of a person with a mental illness. But I can’t write about mental illness, because it invades another’s privacy.

    And now I’m back to thinking that anonymity breeds loneliness.

Really though, I should scrap it all and just get back to writing my novel. I’m putting it off and that’s a bad place to be. I printed it. It’s ready for revision. But instead I have read three books and three more are in progress. I’ll write my blogs and I’ll ignore my novel. I’ll comment on blogs and I’ll write about not writing and I’ll read about not writing.

And then I’ll kick myself for not writing.

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My (damn) socks are pulled up!

In case it wasn’t clear, I decided to take up blogging about my depression and anxiety to help in my recovery as I realised that this is something I used to do a lot of back in the days of LiveJournal, and while it didn’t stop me from having relapses, it definitely helped me recover faster and gain a better perspective on things.

I’m also blogging in the hopes that people, whether fellow sufferers or not, will learn about the daily, weekly, and monthly struggles someone like me goes through, and how much we wish we didn’t have to go through these struggles.

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