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We are known as many of us, we’re a multiple. Thats right, we have what is now known as dissociative identity disorder. We were officially diagnosed in 2010. But we’d been unofficially diagnosed since 2000. We also have other diagnosis, PTSD, Anxiety depression and an eating disorder to name a few. We are blind, have been since birth and we have a beautiful guide dog named Nitro. He’s 3 years old and our pride and joy. We’d like to take the pledge to blog for mental health 2014. We’ve been a mental health service user since 1997, to the present date. We’ve had many hospital admissions, suicide attempts, bad expereiences in mh services, but also, we’ve had many good experiences. We’re an abuse survivor, read our about me page to know more about that. I look forward to blogging for mental health in this coming year.

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