Getting Naked

Bipolar is a two faced beauty queen. She is a virgin, ballerina, poet and a fishnet wearing whore – sometimes in the same day. She is beautiful and dark. She is soft and abrasive. I’m watching her closely and taking notes as I try to figure her out.

I wanted to contribute to this project because I am ecstatic that there are others out there trying to make a change in how we view mental illness. When someone gets sick with the flu, gets cancer, is diagnosed with emphysema, we gather around them with support and prayer. Mental illness isn’t always viewed in such a supportive light. I hope that with each blog entry posted for this project, we move stigma one step closer to the middle of a busy New York road so that it can be run over by a bus, picked at by rats and roaches, end up a carcass that is dropped into a landfill to rot away.

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