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Making a New Dance Up

Well this seems appropriate.  A post on a blog about mental health in which I pledge to blog about mental health. Ok. I’m in. I guess this means I’m also taking the plunge and advertising this little project of mine. Cross your fingers.

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The Writing of Life

My experiences with mental illness have given me a deeper compassion for those who are suffering.  After a long road of ups, downs, and even sideways movements I believe I have recovered to where I can talk about my personal experiences, offer aid and advice to those who are looking for it, and advocate for those who aren’t able or ready to advocate for themselves.  I also believe that the stigma and silence surrounding mental illness are in serious need of being challenged and completely done away with.  The more we get people advocating for the mentally ill as well as those who are mentally ill sharing our stories, the quicker we can get the tasks at hand accomplished.

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Schizo Incognito

I have been dealing with mental health problems in one form or another for my whole life. It’s only recently I started writing down my feelings for the world to see, and it’s been very helpful to my recovery. It’s been only two months, but I’ve felt myself grow a little each time I expel one of my inner demons. . .

You would think I would be able to successfully deal with my mental health problems after all this time, but I still live with the hell of mental illness every day. I fight against depression, anxiety, paranoia, racing thoughts, panic attacks, voices and suicidal thoughts, and it only seems to get worse. I take a lot of psych medications, but they don’t work as well as I would like them to.

This blog is my only form of therapy, so I write with as much honesty as possible.

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with not despite

. . . I sometimes wonder if various important events in my life alongside my mental illness make for reading that’s TMI or gratuitous.

But it’s this experience of squeamishness that makes blogging about mental health both important and necessary. Because if I don’t put my hand up and say ‘hey, this is what I’m dealing with’, how will I find my community? If I don’t talk in greater detail than the average public health campaign about anxiety, depression, mania, stability, racing throughts, paranoia, and so on, how can my community find itself a language where we can relate to each other? I know I need to sit through the stress that comes with blogging. There’s a wider aim than just expressing myself (though that’s an aim too).

I’ve only had brief times when I am able to ignore my mental illness. Not everyone is so lucky, and generally speaking I am constantly embedded in the daily rituals of mental illness. Put in a routine (I’m not naturally routine-inclined), sleep all night, take meds, do exercise, see others for the sake of seeing others. Blogging about mental health is paying respect to just how invasive mental illness can be.

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You Are Not Alone

I am going to write up things that are going through my mind that probably often scare me or discourage me in order to reach out to the world for help, encouragement, and love. This is to help me continue to go on with this journey without giving up. I want to be heard not to feel isolated and abandoned which makes me tempted to let go of myself. It would be a great sense of relief letting things out rather than repressing them to myself which would make it even more difficult. . .

I deserve to be loved. You deserve to be loved. We all deserve to be loved. I am the most important creature in the whole universe. So are you. I believe in the power of love. Love begins within ourselves. I am practicing to learn how to love myself.

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