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Rearranging Letters – T is for Today vs. Yesterday (and Tomorrow)

Today was okay. Yesterday was bad (but not horrible. Horrible is when I think of death).

Today I only slept 10 hours. Yesterday I slept 18.

Today I gave myself a sponge bath (a shower was too much), got dressed, combed my hair. Yesterday I spent the day in my nightgown, unwashed, uncombed. . .

Today I have hope. Hope that tomorrow will be better. Perhaps tomorrow I will have enough energy to shower, to go for a walk, to be productive. Maybe tomorrow will be a day when I can grin and giggle, laugh and cry, dance and see the beauty of the world.

Tomorrow will probably not be great. Great is too much to ask for. Great days are days of belly laughs and happy tears, children and cats, blue skies and warm sunshine, unsolicited hugs and gentle kisses. Great days have boundless energy, completed projects, gainful employment. Great days are out of my reach.

Today I have hope that tomorrow will be good, not great but good. Because today was better than yesterday.

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rosie brown: fighting the stigma

I have been blogging for about 3 weeks now, and this post is just to emphasise my commitment to blogging about Mental Health and fighting the stigma. I have been suffering with mental health problems since the age of 14 and have since found it very difficult to discuss my problems with family and friends. But this wasn’t their fault. It is, I believe because of the lack of general understanding about mental health issues. I want to blog to shed some light on what it is like to suffer from a Mental Health illness and just some general thoughts/ rambling about Mental Health. . .

Keep reading and sharing to help fight the stigma.

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Mom ‘N Daughter Savings – Depression Isn’t Going To Control Me Today – Do You Think You Have It?

One thing I’d like you all to know is that depression can control your thoughts.  When you start thinking you’re a failure or something is all your fault, that life’s not worth living or that people would be better off without you, remember that’s the Depression Trying To Control Your Thoughts!

So, know that these things are not true!  The people that love you want you to be around! Think about how much they mean to you (people you love), well, that’s how much you mean to them!

I used to think that some people would be better off without me in their lives. I wasn’t contemplating suicide or anything, I just thought they would be.  I don’t feel like that now. I know they love and need and want me around.  Imperfections and all.

When I feel overwhelmed, unconfident, indecisive, unhappy and just plain miserable, I know it’s the depression.  Over the years I’ve learned to control some of these feelings, some of the time.  For instance when I feel overwhelmed, which I do a lot, I take a deep breath and tell myself to slow down and do one little thing at a time.  This really helps me.  Like when I want to clean out a cupboard, I tell myself, just take one thing out at a time and put it away or throw it away.  This really does work. Try it sometime!

. . . We can’t always figure out the cause of depression or change difficult problems.  The most important thing is to recognize the symptoms and get help.  It can go on for months or even years, the best thing to do is start with your doctor and see if he thinks you need a specialist, like a therapist.  I actually love going to therapy.  I feel so good when I leave there!  Just make sure you really like the person you’re talking to.

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Hurt – BPD Journals

I have just “come out” with my mental illness. I have been keeping it inside for over 20 years. I have so much to say and to share about my experiences with BPD. It has been so refreshing and such a release since I started my blog last year. I have hardly any viewers right now, but even if I can connect with just one person, then I will feel that my efforts are worth while. . .

I hope to find others living with BPD. It is so surprising when I read about others with the same feelings.

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Mental Illness Insights (Mii™)

Please include in your post as little or as much as you would like about your experiences with mental health.

I hid this section last year, and my willingness to share a little bit more shows my progress. Mental health is a subject I am affiliated because after going through complex trauma, I was left with trauma related depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder. All of this has affected my thinking about people. Writing and standing for mental health has put some meaning into my life, and I’m proud to share and stand for this part of life that could benefit others.

I have been in therapy for about 4-5 years now, so I am experienced with the process of getting help, finding information, research, what it’s like in in-patient hospital programs, one-on-one therapy, theories, wild ideas about diagnoses and more. This blog is my way of sharing what I know.

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