The Long Road to Anywhere/Finding a Voice in a Maelstrom

Note from Ruby: Very brief mention of suicide in this excerpt.

After several years of “having it under control” (which in retrospect, I didn’t) I found myself more or less where I currently live.  I started to realize that I needed help, but continued to put it off.  It was not until I attempted to kill myself via drug overdose that I scared myself into actually getting help.  That was only a mere year and a half ago.

I have since remained on medication and continue to go to therapy.  Also something that I found which has helped me to no end is something called “psychiatric rehabilitation” which is a program where you go during the day and learn how to function in the world again.  This is done through a mixture of hands on activities such as arts and crafts, computer use, games, and home skills as well as more educational activities such as medication education, social skills, and current events as they pertain to mental illness.  To be honest, without this program I don’t know how well I would really be able to cope.

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