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[W]hen I read this. . . pledge I knew I had some responsibility as far as helping to end the stigma and spread the message that we’re all human and we’re all on planet Earth together.

I am 22 years old. I have had depression for 4 years and first sought treatment in September 2013. I have been in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy since the beginning of January 2014. I have a boyfriend, T, who isn’t sure what to do about it and I’m not sure what he wants from me. I’m starting a new exercise programme, trying to weigh up whether medication will help and waiting to see what’s going to work. Maybe being part of Blog for Mental Health will help me understand what’s going on and widen the web of support as I’m not sure what I can expect from T at the moment. If you’re reading this, you’re in the web and you’re part of the journey.

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Seasoned With Life

Anyway, too many people “out there” in the world don’t recognize that mental illnesses are just as real as diabetes or cancer or high blood pressure.  It’s not something that we CHOOSE.  Heaven knows I didn’t want to grow up and have to take a handful of meds or see a psychiatrist every couple of months!  I don’t mind seeing my therapist. . . because she rocks!  I really like her, so it’s easy to go and talk to her and cry my eyes out and know that she won’t judge me.

This is about getting rid of the stigma that we all face, sometimes on a daily basis.  If you have depression, bipolar disorder or another mental health issue or two. . . join in.  The more voices that speak up, the louder we’ll be, and the more people we can reach!

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endocrine gremlin

My depression is something I do struggle with but my anxiety disorders are the ones that really impact my day to day life and constantly prevent me from doing things, or suck the enjoyment out of doing said things. Learning to control these mental health conditions is a long and hard process. I’ve been anxious my whole life. It started at two years old when my father left and has got steadily worse. I don’t remember not feeling this way.

I have to constantly put myself in situations I’d rather not have to deal with to battle my gremlins. Of course, it is important to try and not take too big a step at a time but the steps still need taken and they tend not to be fun until you’ve done them and can sit back and go OH I DID IT GO ME.

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Sweet and Savoring

Here’s where the stigma within the stigma comes in: as soon as you start that treatment, you tell people that it’s working, and you’re going to keep doing it to continue on the road to recovery. And imagine that people you thought were friends, and much of the greater population in fact, questions you on your. . . therapy: But have you tried this other thing? Do you have to go that far? It’s only for a short time, right? Consequently, you start to question what you’re doing to help yourself: Is this wrong? Why aren’t they being supportive? Why does it seem like they’re trying to make me feel bad about this?

That is how you eradicate stigma. You talk about it. You speak about your struggles with acceptance, not shame. You tell others that it’s okay to come out of the shadows, because they’ve got plenty of company.

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Prozac in my Cornflakes

There was an article entitled Mental Health Bloggers Widen Their Support Systems on WordPress.com that I noticed on my homepage, so of course I was curious and clicked on it. As a result I discovered A Canvas of the Minds, which is a whole team of mental health bloggers. Just the sort of thing I’m totally into! Anyway, there is a thing called Blog for Mental Health 2014″ which is to help eradicate stigma and raise awareness which is… pretty much the entire purpose of my own blog, so taking the pledge is easy. . .

I love being included. I often feel sort of left on the periphery, so being able to connect with other people here is awesome.

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