Mother’s Hamburger

A few months ago I had to go to physical therapy following a sprained ankle from a fall at work. The physical therapist and I started talking about our families and sharing stories of people with mental illness and how it has affected us. This was one of my prompts to start this blog. I believe that everyone is affected by mental illness in some way. I find myself talking about the mental health issues of my mother, my son and myself on an almost daily basis.

I may not always write about how something that happens to me and my reaction to it is related to my experiences with mental illness, but it’s always there. There’s always a correlation. Sometimes I don’t want to explore it, but sometimes I have to. These stories need to be shared. People need to realize that they’re not alone. I believe that the more people realize that mental illness is not something to be feared, but something to be treated, the more help everyone will get in their efforts to access treatment.

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