For those who follow my blog they likely are more than aware that my particular mental illness was clinical/reactive depression and I had it for most of my adult life. I’m a senior now but have only been free from this debilitating disease for 5 years approximately.

It’s not that I was depressed for all of those years, but it came and went at will it seemed. I managed to remain married, raise three children and have outside the home employment; however, I never knew when the ‘darkness’ as I called it, would rear its’ ugly head. I have written much about my struggle and it’s one of the reasons I began blogging. The hope was that if someone was going through the same thing,  perhaps they wouldn’t feel alone,  or that no one understood what they were dealing with. That terrible feeling that you are less than ‘normal’,  or that somehow you were unlovable; because that’ how you feel.

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Trigger Warning: Suicide