Appalachian Preacher

. . . [F]inally, you have helped to shape my sense of justice.  Justice is a major part of my personal theology.  Now when I hear about some kid being pushed to the point of suicide because of the relentless and constant bullying of some other kid–when I hear about gay youth being tortured by their class mates–when I see the pain in the eyes of a girl who finally had too much–I can’t help but think of you.  And I know that we aren’t going to set the bullied free from their torment until we set their tormentors free from their need to inflict pain.  Bullied kids are oppressed by the maliciousness of others, and bullies are oppressed by the life-circumstances and societal pressures that encourage them seek out the weak and hurt the helpless.

. . . I hope you never know the heartbreak and the agony of wrestling for years with the temptation of suicide.  I hope you never know what it is like to be broken that way.  I hope you never have to hurt so badly. But if you ever do, I would be willing to help you.  So please reach out.

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