The Scarlet B

So then, where does that leave me in blogging for mental health this year? Well, for starters, I certainly need to keep track of my mood to make sure I am getting by as well as I think I am; many of us know that regular blogging and journalling is very useful for keeping track of this. . .

I’m also hoping that my actions in blogging and chatting with friends will continue to serve to expand awareness of life with mental health, and yes, specifically the many charming flavours of bipolar (since that’s my particular chocolate, naturally). This is, of course, my self-therapy, the blogging and engaging with other bloggers. I might not have the fanciest words and stories, and maybe I’ll never really know if what I’m saying means much to anyone, but that’s okay too. I’m just glad I can put myself out here with everyone else blogging for mental health to say, ‘Hey, me too.’ By standing together, we are stronger, and harder to dismiss. After all, we’re people doing the best with our lives, the same as anyone else. We are valid. I am valid. This is valid.

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