The Lucy Experience

My recovery may never be 100%, I know my memories will always be there, but what happened to me impacted my life more than ever. It changed my life, both good and bad. I was so close to suicide that I now understand people and what they go through, it is easy to see for me when someone is being hurt, or close to a break down, I understand people when they say they are having a real ‘down day’, I know at times constantly asking a friends ‘are you okay’ just is not good enough, I know (by experience) being told to ‘grow up and get over it’ just drives you further into your dark tunnel, I know that even a  funny look off a stranger can reduce you to tears in public, and I know that there are people on this earth that do not believe mental health problems are real illnesses. And that is what needs addressing.

You wouldn’t tell someone with cancer to ‘get over it’.
You wouldn’t tell someone with a broken leg that it’s not a real problem.
You wouldn’t tell someone in a wheel chair to ‘grow up and stop moping around’.

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