Note from Ruby:  Okay, confession time. When I first add blogs to the Blogroll, I usually don’t read the posts as much as I skim them, which I hope you understand, given the volume that come in all at once. So when I sat down and actually read what the author of this piece wrote just now, looking for an excerpt to share out on this site, I was absolutely floored by the kind words the author had for Canvas, its authors and readers, and BFMH.

My journey with creating a solid foundation for my mental health has been long considering how young I am. Many genetic and existential factors have played into my life, making me need to find a way to adjust to the many different moments living creates. I can say that the single factor that has always kept me trucking on, throughout all the madness that can be your early-twenties (finding out who you are and how you are going to live your life can be a rough journey!), is the incredible support system that I have been blessed to have found. The movement that Canvas of the Minds created only furthered the idea in my head that everyone has their demons and we are never alone in the challenges we face each day. Not only this, but I believe that this community is the most understanding, non-judgemental group of people I have ever encountered. It’s truly a light in the darkness.

Mental health has had a stigma for as long as anyone can remember and it is simply ridiculous, especially with the growing number of people that need support coping with certain aspects of mental health. For me, mental health is about living so fully that you radiate and having a meaningful perspective. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to evolve and learn, it isn’t hot-wired into all of us, or we are made to believe the wrong thing about ourselves and about life over time.

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