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Sad Mum Happy Mum

I don’t know at what point I started to think about mental illness and the constant battle that those with these illnesses face on a daily basis but I started to tell my story through my blog Sad Mum Happy Mum. I was and remain determined that nobody should have to face the issues, barriers, lack of help and support that I have faced in my lifetime because I have a mental illness, and I didn’t want this kind of treatment to continue for anyone. So I started my blog, I write about my experience, my life with depression with the aim of increasing awareness of mental illness, breakdown the stigma attached to mental illness, and to provide a safe environment in which people with depression can feel they can tell their own story and know that they are not alone in their fight through mental illness.

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Trigger Warning: Suicide

Card Castles In The Sky

Suicide prevention is something I feel very strongly about. In my attempt to keep spreading awareness about depression and its large web of attachments, I’m teaming up with the lovely folks over at A Canvas of the Minds. . .

With all that said, CardCastles looks forward to participating and sharing future writing/artwork with this campaign. As most with depression would tell you, before moving forward, we must first look back. So, I’m going to do just that.

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Alice In Borderland

[F]amily members saw how I was having a complete breakdown and became involved, leading me to work with a therapist who informally diagnosed me with borderline personality disorder. After doing much research on BPD I realized the diagnosis explained most of the emotional issues I had struggled with from a very early age.

I got better for a time but about two years ago suffered an even worse relapse. I was tested by a psychologist and diagnosed as having severe depression with borderline personality disorder symptoms. I was in therapy again but unfortunately my therapist “didn’t like labels” and would never discuss my BPD much less treat me for it. Due to therapy my severe depression lifted but I still struggle everyday with BPD.

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Combatting the stigma in order to treat the minds of those that carry a mental health diagnosis is crucial to our society.  Especially in a time like now where random acts of violence are mistaken for an opportunity to vilify anyone with a diagnosis and attempts at suicide are  labeled “attention seeking behavior”.

I want to do my part in raising awareness so I am taking the “Blog for mental health pledge” and will continue to make my own struggles and knowledge on the matter transparent.

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