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No Holding Back

My friend Kerry had to work every day, so she left by eight or nine in the morning and I was alone in the apartment all day. Often I would not get dressed until about thirty minutes before I knew she would be coming home. I thought I was hiding it, but she knew. She could see right through me, and she did her best to pull me out of my dark place. Because she knew me so well, and because she was such a close and understanding friend, she helped me get past that terrifying moment in my life.

But it was not the last time it happened. And I imagine it will happen again.

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I was diagnosed with depression when I was 13, was treated for about a year or two, then dismissed the fact that I even had it until about a year and a half ago . . .  I need to stay vigilant and support this cause not only for myself, but for my children as well. I need them to know it’s okay to talk about it and ask for help if they feel they need it.

Even if you don’t suffer from mental illness, chances are someone you know does. Well, you know, besides me. So someone else you know does. . .  Many people suffer in silence because they’re afraid to admit there’s something wrong inside of them, and it just shouldn’t be that way.

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Half of a Soul – Life with BPD

Along the way, I fought tooth and nail to hide my dissociative episodes, crushing feelings of abandonment and rejection, extreme emotional sensitivity, anxiety-related behaviours (OCD/trichotillomania), self-harm, and complete inability to maintain healthy, close relationships.

Getting the diagnosis of BPD (including a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress syndrome, the frequent co-disorder of BPD) was scary but a huge relief at the same time. Through this label, I realized my behaviours were far from crazy or indicative of how flawed I was – they made perfect sense for me and for so many others who were going through the same thing.

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