Daily Archives: 2014/02/12

Naked Nerves

I have to save myself. No one else will. I constantly work on my issues and my awareness of being bipolar and what it means for my life. I have to live Very Consciously and take good care of myself in all ways – diet, rest, people I hang out with, things I choose to spend my time doing and all the rest.

It takes a lot of concentration to do this and that comes and goes but my will is strong and I have excellent help from my partner, counselor and psychiatrist and other healers so I’m lucky and grateful for their help. I still cycle every day and some days I fall so deeply into depression that I just can’t believe it. In so many ways I’m a model of recovery, but in others I’m still a basket case.

Trigger warning:  Brief talk of suicidal ideation.

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Write into the Light

Writing helps keep me sane, and most importantly, as bloggers and readers, it is our way of communicating with one another. How else would we be able to share our experience, strength and hope with one another in such a way without the gift of writing? (Hence, the name of this blog, Write into the Light!)

Therefore, I pledge this year to continue doing what I have been doing for the past 3 years: to write about mental health and discuss it with you.

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