Pixie Giggles

I struggled to maintain my sanity, but ended up reentering therapy in order to deal with these unresolved issues. This also led to another diagnosis of PTSD. What can I say about these types of labels? It is what it is. Labels don’t do much to help the person cope with life, a better understanding of life, emotions, and behavior does.

Therapy is a very slow process. Rather than making headway, I often feel like I’m regressing back to a state of mind that I can only describe as powerfully overwhelming. It is my goal on this blog, as it always has been and as I stated before, to maintain a level of positivity here in order to keep myself on the right track and to, hopefully, help others at the same time, in some way. I do this through art, music, and photography. To be able to create, for me, is my purpose in life. I hope I can somehow help in the cause to erase the stigma of mental illness because there are so many people struggling to live, to simply survive.

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