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Infinite Sadness. . . or hope?

Mental Health is really important.  Duh!  Well of course Mental Health is important.  Just as we often hear the statistics of one in four people suffering from mental illness, it is as important, if not more to remember that four in four people (yes, that’s everyone) has mental health.  Mental Health affects us all, just like Physical Health.  We can’t run, we can’t hide.  Actually all of us (all seven billion of us) has a degree of mental health.

I draw your attention to that because it’s all to easy to get lost in terms and definitions.  It’s because Mental Health affects us all, that I want to be writing about it.  I also want to be writing about Mental Illness, and unless we look at both then we are doing a disservice to those of us impacted by both.

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Mom ‘N Daughter Savings

Today I fought very hard to feel better, but just never did.  I tried having positive thoughts, and thinking of all my blessings, playing with my dogs, but nothing helped.  I just felt like crying and sitting and doing nothing.  To top it off, it was cloudy all day, which always makes my depression worse.

I’ve had depression since I can remember.  I’m pretty sure I had it even back in grade school.  I remember just wanting to melt into the floor so the teacher wouldn’t call on me.  I got made fun of by other kids and I just didn’t want to be noticed.  As I look back I think it all started when my parents got divorced.  I was 5.  I’m not saying I blame them, at all, I just think that’s when it started.

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Return to Rural

Blogging to bring awareness to, and to remove stigma from, mental health? HELL YEAH, I’M IN. . .

I am a person who actively cultivates mental health. I work at it everyday. I am not ashamed of living with depression, anxiety, and flareups of backwards OCD.* This is my reality. I work at functioning at my highest level with the aid of medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, and nutrition. This is my choice of treatment. It’s my hope that in sharing my experiences, I can be an encouragement to others with mental health issues who are working to find their own way, their own balance. Sometimes I need more care, other times less. That doesn’t make me “ill.” It makes me smart.

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Mindful Musings at Midlife

Cancer was spoken about only in whispers and alluded to as the BIG C as recently as my grandparents generation. It was only brought out into the light by those who suffered and beat it and eventually cancer’s stigma of an automatic death sentence was put aside. Let’s put aside the stigma of seeking treatment for the physical illness of our brain by discussing our experiences with mental illness and our experiences getting back to a state of optimal mental health through diagnosis and treatment.

Those of us who the world at large perceive as “NORMAL” but who are well aware that we have or currently are suffering with some form of mental illness, must speak up and speak out so that we can combat the images that the media feeds the public. The stigma of mental illness will not come to an end until all of us who experience it start to talk about it and stop being afraid.

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