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Faerie Thoughts

I. . . really wanted to be a part of this, as a sufferer of depression and anxiety. I also no longer want these, and of course all other mental health issues, to be stigmatised and merely brushed under the carpet in societies worldwide.

My entries are a lot about my journey on the road of overcoming my issues, and to have them standing up as part of this mission would be incredible. Not only are my entries my own therapy, but I hope that they help others to understand what happens in the mind and body when having to deal with depression and anxiety. More importantly, share the message that none of us are alone, and together we can fight this.

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Insights From A Bipolar Bear

It wasn’t long before something magical happened. People who weren’t depressed or living with bipolar started reading. Friends and family members seeking an understanding of what was going on the in head of their loved ones. I received many emails thanking me. Some were people who didn’t know anyone with bipolar, but found the information interesting. One even said he found it fascinating.

There weren’t many of us back in those days (6 years is ancient in technology years.) There was a small band of mental health bloggers who shared their experiences and supported one another. I miss them. Most have stopped blogging and moved onto other things in their lives. Does this mean that there aren’t many mental health blogs left? Absolutely Not!! It’s the opposite, actually. The blogosphere has exploded from the number of new mental health writers.

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Diagnosably Delicious

First off, I am currently pursuing my licensure in Marriage and Family Therapy so career-wise I am immersed in mental health on a daily basis. Secondly, but not really disconnected from the first point, I have my own experiences with mental illness and so you could definitely consider me a “wounded healer” and I have been on that self-discovery journey since high school. . .

My intentions of this blog are to bring mental health resources and news to you and with that give you a few recipes to use if you are so inclined. If you have been following me at all before this point you know that I love to cook and have begun experimenting with creating my own recipes which sometimes do not produce the results I am expecting.

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