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Surviving Out Loud

My thought processes were challenged. Here was this woman speaking out, erasing the stigma. She chose to speak out and she possibly saved my life. A few days later I decided that I too could share about my mental health issues and maybe even reach one person, and so my blog began.

My blog is title Surviving Out Loud. I plan to do just that, first survive, actually thrive and share my journey with others, out loud. No more will I be silenced. I blog about PTSD, dissociative disorders, depression, and anxiety.

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Speaking of the project, it’s all about spreading awareness.  When more of us write about our own experiences or relay relevant information or simply encourage understanding & acceptance, the better the world will be – for those suffering from the invisible struggle of mental illnesses and for the world as a whole.  Education, tolerance, knowledge, compassion, understanding – these are all good things, whether in the realm of mental illness or anything else that makes us “different” from each other. . .

Here’s to a healthy, peaceful, and comfortable 2014 for all of us – with a calm of mind that is often rare with those plagued by mental illness.

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a day with depression

I’ve been writing about my experiences with mental health – particularly coping with anxious depression – all year. The biggest trend I’ve noticed is a movement away from viewing my mental illness as something separate from myself that I must fight against, and toward accepting it as part of who I am.

This isn’t to say that I allow myself to be defined by my anxious depression and give up on my goals, relationships, and responsibilities – though I will admit it is sometimes tempting to do so. Rather, it allows me to have a more consistent experience of reality, despite fluctuations in the severity of my symptoms.

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I started this blog to speak about mental Health. I suffered with, and still suffer with, Social Anxiety, Social panic Disorder, and depression. . .  The fact is there may never be a cure for many mental health problems, but we can learn to deal with the symptoms and we can learn to accept and love those we may not understand.  So i make this pledge as part of the Mental Health project. . .

I can’t be sure my words every truly help anyone, but this is the very least i can do.

Trigger Warning:  Talk of self-harm and suicide.

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