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Trauma and Dissociation

Our project started in January 2013 with an information website about Dissociative Identity Disorder http://www.dissociative-identity-disorder.org and in March we began the larger site http://www.dissociative-identity-disorder.net to cover all the Trauma & Stressor and Dissociative  Disorders. Both websites are based on academic sources, primarily books and journals written by experts. Our social networking projects also share some personal experiences from different people affected by the disorders – either personally or from the view of professions working in mental health.

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It isn’t really a conscious decision for me to blog ab0ut mental health.  It’s just something that I do, because, well, I have mental health issues and I use my blog to sort out my feelings, reminding myself of what has and hasn’t worked, and use it also to track my mood cycles.  So, the writing won’t change, there are no special prompts; it’s just blogging as usual.

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Much Madness

Trigger Warning:  Talk of suicide.

As you can find out from my other posts, I became interested in mental health both due to my own experience of certain issues, and the fact that my seemingly perfect and happy Auntie committed suicide at the age of twenty-seven (I was eight). I struggled for years to come to terms with her death and accept that I was wrong about my perception of her (and the world). I do not believe that members of my family chose to (or knew how to, for that matter) understand her. They cast her off as ILL and that was that. There was nothing to talk about or understand. She had a mental illness, a ‘flaw in chemistry’, and there was nothing they could do about it.

I firmly believe that communication and honesty are the most important aspects of getting well from any mental health problem and that with support, kindness and understanding, the chances of a tragic outcome diminish.

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My Mind Matters

I have depression and anxiety and through blogging I hope to raise awareness of mental health problems so we can reduce the associated stigma.

My blog tells my story of how I cope with my mental health problems, the constant relapses and fight to remain in control , difficulties I have had accessing mental health services and trying to get my loved ones to understand.

Online blogging has been a major coping strategy for me and without I don’t know where I have been. Writing helps me to release some of my overwhelming emotions and hearing from other bloggers and tweeters their experiences motivates me to carry on the fight.

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